Auto kopšana

Car care and cleaning products for your car.

We offer high quality car care products for the car washing industry. They are designed for both commercial vehicles and passenger cars. All products are concentrates, whose quality is guaranteed by the manufacturer- „STOCKMEIER GROUP” on the one hand, and regular customer surveys and positive responses to QM questionnaires on the other. Thus, we are able to meet our customers' requirements and provide a constant high level of quality. Our professionally trained sales representatives will support you by on-site demonstration of performance of our products or adjusting your carwash to the best and most cost effective consumption levels and results. Product range includes - water treatment chemicals, wax removers, vehicle washing and cleaning agents. More detailed product descriptions can be found in our and manufacturer catalogue:

PDF file - STOCKMEIER directory eng (736 KB)

PDF file - STOCKMEIER catalogue eng (12.1 MB)